Dinner of My Dreams: SHIFT Pop Up

I’ve been dreaming of attending a small-plate, multi-course dinner for years. It has been on my radar since watching Chef’s Table in 2017. Earlier this month a long awaited dream became a reality. Edgar and I attended a SHIFT pop-up held at The Lucky Accomplice in St. Louis, MO.

Chef Logan Ely runs SHIFT, formerly a restaurant which is now a pop-up concept.

Our meal consisted of 14 different courses with 8 different alcoholic drinks. We chose to get the alcohol pairing which was well worth the cost.

tonic of dried summer flowers | Spritz
tomato ceviche with trout roe | Sparkling wine (rosato)

Our first course set the tone for the whole meal: a tonic of dried summer flowers. It was sweet yet sour with notes of berry. I knew from this dish that we were in for a wild ride.

Japanese broth: scallop with dashi | White wine (forlorn hope)
fermented potato flatbread with spring onion sofrito and radish
squash tartare with tonburi

When they brought out the Japanese broth I didn’t have high expectations. As soon as I took a sip I realized that broth can, indeed, rock your world. The fermented potato flatbread was one of my favorite courses.

gin with lemon, lavender, almond, and blueberry honey
hominy grits with raclette, eggplant “mole”, and black trumpet mushroom
confit maitake with chicken butter and grilled cream

The gin cocktail was easily my favorite drink. I mean just look at it. Perfect combination of flavors and not too sweat. If I had to pick a favorite course (not an easy task) it was the hominy grits. Edgar’s favorite was the confit maitake mushroom with chicken butter- which was so rich I forgot I was eating a mushroom.

whipped blue cheese with yogurt granita and gooseberries
drink: orange brandy with sherry, cold brew, and amaretto
black sesame “fudge” with tarragon sugar

We had two desserts: a whipped blue cheese with yogurt and black sesame fudge. Both were perfect endings to a fantastic meal. If you happen to be in St. Louis and available on a SHIFT pop-up night, do yourself a favor and GO. It’ll be worth it.