Everything I ate in Baja California, MX.

Like most bloggers, I have a vain streak that leads me to think people care to know everything I did and ate on a trip. However, I myself go to blogs in search of food recommendations so I thought I’d provide some. Rarely do I read what is written, but instead skim to the restaurant names and pictures. If on the off-chance you care what I ate in Baja and are actually reading this instead of skimming through the pictures, I am humbled. You are a more patient person than I.

Lastly, I would like the record to show that I consumed 25 tacos on this 3-week trip which is more than one/day. For that I am proud and my only regret is that I did not consume more.


One food rec from Tecate: Taquería Los Amigos 2. If you happen to cross the US-Mexico border at Tecate head straight to this restaurant. It’ll be the initiation of your taste-buds into the fiesta that is Mexican food.

Carne Asada Taco
Taquería Los Amigos 2
If you see a giant burrito, you’ve come to the right place.


Ensenada is where you come to feel boujee and sip on some goooood wine. The Valle de Guadalupe continues to explode with new wineries and they are all good and at half the price of California wineries.

Our coffee addiction was upheld in downtown Ensenada where quality coffee shops abound. My rec for tacos is Taqueria el Trailero that feels a little like a food court in the best way.

Hilo Negro Winery
La Maria Cafe
Otro Café
Taquería el Trailero

El Rosario de Arriba

A necessary stop in El Roasrio de Arriba for gas lead us to Mama Espinoza Restaurante for lunch. To no one’s surprise we had more tacos (fish instead of beef or pork so at least we’re changing the filling). On our drive back up the peninsula we stopped at a rando restaurant along the road for a torta. I really wish I’d written the name down because it was the best torta of the trip and the man making had great customer service.

Mamá Espinoza Restaurante
Torta from random restaurant

Guerrero Negro

BEST SEAFOOD TACOS OF THE TRIP. Good now that I’ve gotten your attention and stopped your speed scroll, I’d like to tell you that if you don’t stop at Tacos El Muelle food truck while in Guerrero Negro you should head home and quit your Baja trip. It’ll all be for nothing. The truth can be harsh but you’ll thank me after one bite of this perfectly fried shrimp cocooned in a taco de arena.

Tacos El Muelle
Sushi & Crepas Fussion
Carlitos Birrieria
Carlitos Birrieria
(Doesn’t have to look pretty to taste amazing)


In Mulegé we finally ate two things we’d been wanting since day one: sopes and machaca tacos (more like burritos). Our food dreams came true at Antojitos Mexicanos “Zuria”, a food stall in the town square. Another culinary delight was buying a tostiloco out of a woman’s van on Playa el Requeson. This is my second food lesson for Baja: at some point buy food from a local selling it out of their car on a beach.

Antojitos Mexicanos “ZURIA”
Bought a tostiloco out of someone’s car at Playa el Requeson


I don’t have any good stories, lessons, or funny quips about eating in Loreto. A non-interesting bit of information is that I added taco de arrachera to my taco repertoire.

La Hermosa Cafe
El Zopilote Brewing Co: Baja Fish Tacos
Asadero Super Burro: Taco de Arrachera
Orlando’s Restaurante: Enchiladas
Pan que Pan
Mi Loreto

La Paz

Best breakfast food of the trip was at Restaurante Central 1535 which is pretty self-explanatory if you check out the picture. We finally had ceviche at Playa El Tecolote and felt ashamed it had taken us so long. Doce Cuarenta became a favorite for coffee and we quickly became regulars bordering on loiters. Highly recommend Mucho Gusto for the food but if you are sensory-avoidant like myself consider bringing ear plugs to dim the loud music to an acceptable level.

Restaurante Central 1535
Mucho Gusto Taco & Mezcal Bar
Mucho Gusto Taco & Mezcal Bar
Doce Cuarenta Coffee & Bakery
Tacos Perrones
From a beach restaurant on Playa El Tecolote

La Ventana

Had a tuna poke bowl at La Mentita el Sargento that rocked my world. It also provided me an unwanted but necessary break from tortillas and all other forms of carbohydrates that had become my main food group.

La Mentita el Sargento

Todo Santos

The only restaurant reservations I made for the trip were at Jazamango and The Green Room. I love everything about Jazamango and will not give any of it away because you can experience it for yourself. The Green Room’s location on the beach cannot be beat. Even though we both forgot our jackets and were freezing, we had a great experience and the tostadas were worth it. Lastly, take a look at that cinnamon roll and it’ll tell you everything you need to know about Taller 17.

Coffee Shop Las Tunas
The Green Room
Taller 17

Cerritos Beach

Whoops. Didn’t take any pictures of the food at Cerritos Beach- like the good professional blogger I am. Instead, you’ll have to picture delicious fish and shrimp tacos plus extra strong margaritas we bought from a food truck in your imagination. You’ll also have to imagine a cute sandwich (we needed to spice up our varietals of meat-in-carb meals) from a food stand made out of an old shipping container.

I also have no idea what the names of these fine establishments were so it’ll be a scavenger hunt if you ever try to follow this food guide. Godspeed.