Staycation at the Ace Hotel

Edgar and I stayed at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs for a mini staycation in January. We booked a dog-friendly room with a patio so that Mia could join. Going on a week night had its pro’s and con’s. Pro’s: 1) less crowded so we had no trouble getting bikes, a table to eat, etc. 2) cheaper. Con’s: 1) we missed out on the live DJ sets that often happen on Saturday nights 2) didn’t meet people like we probably would have on a busier night.

As soon as we arrived we dropped our bags in our room, set Mia up in her “play pen”/kennel, and made our way to the outdoor bar for a drink. I ordered a classic marg and Edgar got a beer. With Mount San Jacinto as our backdrop we soaked in the perfect weather of Palm Springs in January.

We explored the grounds of the hotel with Mia prior to setting out for dinner. There was a small dog park at the southwest corner of the hotel that was perfect for Mia to explore off-leash. One thing that sets the Ace hotel apart is the devotion to retro design. It’s present both in the small details and in the prominent features such as the old renovated bus. You walk around and have a sense of “this place is cool without trying too hard.”

Sunset over the pool
The king bed was super comfy!
Mia taking over the patio space
Breaking out my new overalls for dinner

The location of the Ace is perfect: not too far from the main strip in Palm Springs but just far enough to have more peace and quiet. We drove less than 10 minutes to Birba for dinner (which is in my PS food guide!) and had a fantastic meal. There are restaurants within walking distance of the hotel if you want to avoid driving!

There are lots of spots throughout the hotel set up for people to gather (like this fireplace in the picture on the left). I love the intentional focus on bringing people together at the Ace.

Since Edgar and I are early risers we hopped in the jacuzzi in the morning before breakfast.

Pro tip: get a coffee across the street from Koffi and bring it to the jacuzzi with you- on a chilly winter morning it’ll give you all the cozy vibes!

We ate at the hotel restaurant, King’s Highway Diner, for brekkie and which did not disappointed. We shared the omelet and breakfast bagel sandwich.

The light streaming through the stained glass windows adds a warmth that lifts the whole mood of the place.

Feeling very full and ready to get active, we rented hotel bikes and sped off to the surrounding neighborhoods. We had a blast looking at all the different mid-century modern homes.

After biking we cooled off by the pool before packing up and checking out. We left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated- a sign of a good staycation! To anyone visiting Palm Springs: the Ace Hotel provides an experience like none other and would be an excellent choice.

The Amigo Room is the hotel bar